Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Three Tips To Help You Save More In The New Year

It’s February and you have 10 more months to get your finances back on track before next year. Starting a budgeting plan right now is the best way to look forward to a promising future. Saving money is easier than you think. Here are three steps to help you save money throughout the rest of the year:

1. Keep a record of your purchases

Little purchases, such as Starbucks stops, lunch out, extra trips to the grocery store, and other small purchases can add up quickly. Keeping a written record of everything you purchase over the course of a month will allow you to see how much you really spend and if you can cut back.

2. Create a budget

After reviewing your purchases, you can determine which items are necessities and which are luxuries. Next, decide which luxury items you can cut out or limit. With your complete list you can create a monthly budget.

3. Make short-term and long-term goals

After you have reviewed your spending record and created a new budget, you can set aside some money in a savings account. Your new savings account can be used to fulfill your short-term and long-term goals. A short-term goal can be as simple as only eating out once a week, while a long-term goal might be budgeting extra to pay down your student loans more quickly.

The best way to approach your debt depends on your specific circumstances and needs. Our bankruptcy attorneys have the skills, knowledge, and real experience needed to guide you toward your goals. We will help you make the right choices, and explain exactly what happens next and how it will affect you and your family. At King & King, we are on your side and will treat you with the respect and consideration you deserve. Give us a call today at 404-524-6400 for a free consultation or visit us at www.kingandkingattorneys.com

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

What Should I Expect At My Bankruptcy Consultation?

While bankruptcy can be stressful, filing is your first step towards achieving real, lasting, financial freedom. Once you make the decision to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy or Chapter 7 bankruptcy, call King & King in Atlanta, Georgia for a free consultation with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

What Should I Bring For My First Meeting?

There are a few things you need to bring to the meeting with your lawyer. Take the time to collect the following:

60 days proof of income

Most recently-filed tax return

Photo identification

Information about your creditors

If you are being sued by a creditor or if you have received letters from creditors, bring these to your initial meeting as well. Together, this information will give your attorney a good idea about your financial situation. Always be honest with your lawyer as any incorrect information may lead to your case being dismissed without getting debts discharged.

Your first meeting is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Your King & King attorney will meet with you at no charge for an initial consultation and review of your case, and then recommend the best course of action. Call us at 404-524-6400 to take the first step towards your fresh start.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Can Bankruptcy Stop Debt Collectors in Georgia?

How Can Bankruptcy Stop Debt Collectors?

If you’re looking for relief from non-stop phone calls and e-mails from bill collectors you may be wondering how bankruptcy protection works. Bankruptcy can stop all collection activity.

When you file bankruptcy an “automatic stay” goes into effect. Debt collection attempts come to a halt. The action can stop foreclosure proceeding, stop repossession, and even stop wage garnishment and pending lawsuits. Debt collectors are prohibited from continuing collection attempts, if they continue without permission make note of the activity and present it to your bankruptcy attorney. They may be breaking the law.

If you qualify for bankruptcy you can have medical bills, personal loans, and credit card debt discharged or eliminated. You will not be responsible for paying them and creditors cannot continue to collect on them once the court has discharged them.

If you find yourself in a difficult financial situation, we can help. King and King can stop the harassing phone calls and put you on the path to financial freedom. Call us today at 404-524-6400 to discuss your options, your consultation is free, or visit us at www.kingandkingattorneys.com for more information.