Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What Are The Benefits Of Filing Bankruptcy In Georgia?

The largest benefit of filing bankruptcy is you can gain control of your financial and legal situations.
By filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can find financial relief and discharge many of your debts. When you work with your team of bankruptcy lawyers at King & King, you will be guided throughout the bankruptcy process with the understanding of your unique circumstances. We will help you solve your immediate financial burden and provide you with long-term solutions to make sure you stay debt free. Here are a few of the benefits of filing bankruptcy:

Discharging Debt

When you file for bankruptcy, medical bills, credit cards, cell phone bills, some mortgages and auto loans will be discharged. Most debts are completely wiped out. Filing for bankruptcy can make a significant impact on reducing your monthly bills.

Stopping Creditor Harassment

Being constantly bombarded with the reminder that you are behind by harassing creditors and collectors will stop. When you file for bankruptcy, all calls from creditors will immediately stop and all collection attempts will be placed on hold. If a creditor tries to reach you, you can inform them that you have filed for bankruptcy and direct them to contact your attorney.

Rebuild Your Credit

Instead of using your income to pay debts, filing for bankruptcy will discharge your unsecured debts and provide you with enough money to get back on your feet. With more disposable income, you can begin to rebuild your credit and work toward a financially stable future.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bankruptcy Can Stop Foreclosure in Georgia

Foreclosure can begin quickly after missing just a few payments toward your mortgage. The bank that owns your loan can initiate the repossession process and begin foreclosing on your home before you have time to make up the missed payments. In a foreclosure, the lender will sell your home in an auction and the purchase price will be used to repay the debt on your loan. If you have been given a foreclosure notice, you need to immediately speak with a lawyer. King & King can help.

At King & King bankruptcy attorneys, our team can put a stop to the foreclosure process by quickly helping you to file for bankruptcy. One of the most common forms of stopping foreclosure is filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. As soon as you file for Chapter 7, you will have an automatic stay placed onto your assets and all creditor collection attempts stop. This stay will also put a stop to the foreclosure sale, even if your home is already in the middle of the foreclosure process. Waiting too long to file for bankruptcy can hinder your defense against foreclosure, it’s important that you act immediately after you receive a foreclosure notice from your bank.

You Can Keep Your Home.

Your home may be on the line, so the bankruptcy lawyer you choose matters. At King & King, our team is committed to ensuring that you receive a positive outcome for your case and we will immediately begin to work with you to protect your home. We have helped thousands of clients avoid home foreclosure, we can help you too. If you are facing foreclosure, call King & King and schedule a free case evaluation today! 404-524-6400 www.kingandkingattorneys.com