Monday, June 22, 2015

How Fast Can I File For Bankruptcy In Georgia?

If you have fallen far behind on your bills and are considering bankruptcy protection, you must be wondering how fast your bankruptcy filing will take effect. King and King understands the urgency of your situation. Your creditors have most likely been calling for weeks, months or longer. Your wages may have recently been garnished or the threat of home foreclosure or car repossession may loom large in your life. The good news is: King and King can help.

In most cases, King and King will file your bankruptcy the same day you come to our office.  This means you get the benefit of bankruptcy protection immediately.  Many clients leave the office with a case number already.

To speak with our skilled bankruptcy attorneys and put your financial future on a fast track, contact King and King for a free consultation at 404-524-6400 or visit us online at