Monday, February 23, 2015

Do's and Don’ts For Filing Bankruptcy In Georgia

Filing for bankruptcy can be difficult and complicated. We've put together a quick overview to help you when filing for bankruptcy in Georgia. Our list is a great overview, but reviewing with a qualified attorney is the best way to get answers to your questions.

Bankruptcy Do's:

 Do be honest with your attorney — King and King handles all your personal information with confidentiality and privacy. Be sure to tell us everything so we can file your bankruptcy petition accurately.
 Do continue making mortgage payments — If you get behind after filing bankruptcy, your creditor can begin foreclosure on your home. The good news is we can help even up to the last moment, and may be able to resolve the situation if you fall behind while in an active bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Don'ts:

Don't hide your property —Transferring your property to another person may be seen as fraudulent. Let us help you keep it.
Don't pay off personal loans — If you owe money to family members, now is not the time to repay them. Let the bankruptcy court determine the priority of your creditors and handle it through the proper channels.
Don't spend your retirement money — More good news, most retirement accounts are exempt in bankruptcy.  Speak with your attorney for more details.

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