Thursday, December 5, 2013

Will I Need To Notify My Creditors That I’ve Filed For Bankruptcy?

One of the many benefits of working with an experienced bankruptcy attorney is we take care of notifying your creditors for you. After we file your bankruptcy, the bankruptcy court sends an official notice to your creditors informing them of your bankruptcy.

Your creditors have until 60 days after the date first set for your meeting with the trustee to file a motion objecting to the discharge of your debt.

Usually no objections are filed and we can proceed through bankruptcy. If a creditor does file an objection, we can help you decide what to do next.

One of the most important benefits of filing for bankruptcy comes at the moment you file. An automatic stay goes into effect. That means that collection actions against you or your property, including repossessions, garnishments, and foreclosure actions, immediately stop. As long as the stay is in effect, creditors cannot initiate or continue lawsuits, wage garnishments, or even call you on the phone to demand payment.

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