Friday, October 18, 2013

Will I Be Able To Get Credit After Bankruptcy?

Simply put: "Yes."
In fact, for most people filing bankruptcy will actually improve their credit score. Given that the bankruptcy eliminates some or all of your debts, you will be in a better financial situation to pay your bills and improve your credit.

Bankruptcy can allow you to:
  •          Rebuild your credit score
  •          Become current on payments
  •          Meet your payments going forward

Whether you are filing for Chapter 7, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we will put you on the right track to repairing your damaged credit and improving your credit scores. The best way to determine how filing bankruptcy will affect your credit score is to discuss your situation with a bankruptcy attorney. At King and King we will meet with you for a no-charge discussion of your bankruptcy law questions, including credit-score questions.

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