Monday, September 28, 2015

I’m Facing Foreclosure In Georgia, What Should I do?

Facing a foreclosure is something that you never imagined would happen. For most people, foreclosure is often the result of circumstances beyond their control, such as a loss of a job or an unexpected illness. One solution may be to sell the property before the date of the foreclosure sale. This can be hard to do given the time constraints of a foreclosure. If you want to keep your home and find a way to get caught up on your payments, there is another solution.

You can stop home foreclosure and keep your home by filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. King and King bankruptcy attorneys can advise you on whether you should file for bankruptcy, and whether Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy is right for you.

Foreclosures under Chapter 13 Bankruptcy let you pay late payments over the length of a repayment plan, usually three to five years. The benefit of filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is that you get to keep your home and get current on the mortgage over time.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can also eliminate the payments on your second or third mortgage altogether. Your attorney can help you file so the court may “strip off” the second and third mortgages and re-categorize them as unsecured debt. Under Chapter 13, unsecured debt takes last priority and often does not have to be paid back at all.

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