Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Can Bankruptcy Help With My Medical Bills In Georgia?

Medical bills can quickly put you over your head in debt. In Georgia, medical debt is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy.  Fortunately, medical bills are easy to wipe out in bankruptcy. They are a class of debt in bankruptcy knows as “unsecured debt.”
An attorney at King and King can review your situation and explain your bankruptcy options. For many people, this means filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which will completely eliminate many types of unsecured debts, such as medical bills and credit card bills. Most filers are able to keep all of their property.
You may also qualify for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This can also eliminate or reduce your unsecured debts, including your medical bills. You can also stop foreclosure and sometimes eliminate second mortgages.

You Can Still Obtain Medical Care
You will still be able to get the treatment you need. Your ability to obtain medical care will not be affected when you file for bankruptcy.

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