Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Can Bankruptcy Save My Car From Repossession?

We know having a car is essential for most people to get to work and earn a living. The good news is filing for bankruptcy will immediately stop an auto lender from repossessing your car.

There are two courses of action that are successful for most King and King clients to not only stop repossession but to also lower car payments. One option is to use a redemption loan in a Chapter 7.  A redemption loan allows you to pay back only the market value of your vehicle, which for many people is much less than what they currently owe on their car loans.  A second option is to file a Chapter 13 and “cram down” your loan: many people can lower both the interest rate (to as low as around 4%) and also only pay back the market value of the vehicle.  This can result in a tremendous savings.

Fortunately, there are several options that can enable you to avoid repossession and keep your vehicle while still obtaining debt relief.

King and King Bankruptcy attorneys can stop repossession immediately and take the actions needed to help you get debt relief. Call 404-524-6400 for a free consultation or visit us at www.kingandkingattorneys.com for more information.