Thursday, July 30, 2015

Three Steps to Take After Filing Bankruptcy in Georgia

After you’ve received your bankruptcy discharge, you will most likely be feeling a huge sense of relief. Although you have overcome a big hurdle, you may be wondering, “What do I do next?” Here are a few tips for regaining financial stability in your life after bankruptcy.

Obtain Your Credit Report
Obtaining a copy of your credit report will allow you to identify—and dispute, if necessary—incorrectly reported information and ensure that your discharged debts are reflecting a zero balance on those accounts. As time goes by, check your credit report yearly.

Create a Monthly Budget
Knowing how much money you have every month can significantly reduce the stress you may feel following your bankruptcy. Total up all of your income, and then compare this amount to your monthly expenses. Cut back where you need to and save what you can. Your bankruptcy attorney can help you create a realistic budget that you’ll be able to stick to.

Start To Rebuild Your Credit
After a bankruptcy filing, it’s time to rebuild your credit and improve your credit score.
Pay your bills—the best way you can work toward better credit is by paying all of your bills on time. Start here.

Use a credit card cautiously—a credit card may help you begin re-establishing good credit. Many credit card offers sent to people post-bankruptcy are usually accompanied by high annual fees and interest rates. If you can find a card without an annual fee, using it regularly and paying it off promptly can be a step to a better credit score. Another excellent option is a secured credit card, where you deposit an amount of money that serves as your line of credit.

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